26 December 2012

Rodeling: Traditional Sled or Hammerhead Sled?


Say we explore the various characteristics of each type of sled, to make it easier for you to decide next time you come sledding.

Traditional Sled :
Hand-crafted in Québec, it’s the more family-friendly sled. True to old Austrian tradition, this sled is built of wood and its runners are angled for excellent stability − even if it’s higher off the ground than the Hammehead. Its wood runners are curved upward in the front to use as a foot rest, or to rest your calves on. It is equipped with front and rear handles and we strongly advise you hold on with one hand at all times. Steer the sled by dragging your other hand along the snow, and shifting your weight in the desired direction. Sitting on the sled is more comfortable but requires more practice to be able to ride it to its full potential. Once you’ve mastered your ride however, it’s easy to see why it’s the top pastime among Austrian families.

In short :
-Comfortable and less intimidating for novices.
-Easier speed control and braking due to greater contact with snow surface.
-Authentic experience − perfect for appreciating Le Massif’s breathtaking panoramas.

Hammerhead Sled :
This sled calls for a head-forward position. Lying on your stomach, line up your shoulders with the steering bar. The first time you try it, you’ll feel like you’re driving a car or a bicycle, so it’s an easy technique to master. Rest your thighs partly on the sled, partly in mid-air. Use your boots to steer and brake. To increase your speed, just lift your feet up. Despite providing amazing moments of fun under most slide conditions, when surfaces become harder this sled might be more difficult to handle.

In short:
-Fast, intuitive, more versatile handling.
-Thrilling ride due to close proximity to terrain.
-Sporty handling with controlled skids on turns.


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12 June 2012

Buying Local


Hôtel La Ferme is adding decorator touches to its common areas and guest rooms, with the addition of carefully selected furnishings and accessories. Guided by the inspiration of the Hotel’s architects, project manager Elsa Vincent is the person entrusted with finding local artisans, suppliers, manufacturers and craftspeople ― often here in the Charlevoix ― to create the warm ambience we are seeking. In its pledge to the principles of sustainable development, Elsa’s mandate from the outset was to acquire a maximum of all required equipment, materials and furnishings from local sources, which would later be incorporated into the site’s interior design plans and installations. In so doing, she encouraged the local economy, recognized and stimulated the creativity of the region’s artisans and designers while often enjoying substantial savings and minimizing the environmental footprint linked to the shipping of merchandise.

This exercise allowed us to not only include and draw from a number of individuals and businesses who in many instances share the same eco-social concerns as we do, but also to promote the development of expertise and resources from our own milieu.

Two examples instantly come to mind. First is Techno-concept, a project spearheaded by le Centre Éducatif Saint-Aubin that invites students from the school’s remedial group to develop specific technical skills. Admirably directed by Jean Tremblay and Gilles Simard and owing to its team members’ competitive pricing, versatility and quest for surpassment, the centre was granted several mandates in connection with designing furniture. In foresight, they acquired new equipment in order to keep abreast of a multitude of requirements we had put forth.

A second example is Antoine Laverdière, a Québec designer celebrated for his signature light fixtures. Because Elsa adamantly drew away from most commercial lighting systems often brought in from Europe or China, she suggested the young artist design and create a 20m light fixture to adorn the hotel lobby. Their fruitful collaboration followed due course, and Antoine later accepted to design floor lamps for wine bar Le Bercail as well.

Please view a list of the project’s contributing Québecois suppliers by clicking on the following PDF link.

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3 April 2012

To all our slide fans…


With lovely sunny weather in the forecast for next weekend and the favorable conditions experienced over the past few days, and thanks to the dedication of all our teams and your unfailing attachment to our beautiful Mountain, we’re pleased to announce the ski area will be open for Easter Weekend this Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday April 6, 7, 8, 9 2012, from 9am to 4pm – with no fewer than 18 trails across the Camp Boule and Grande Pointe sectors!

A 40% discount on regular lift ticket rates will apply, while participating lodging partners are offering up to 40% off regular room rates.

The time has never been better to…enjoy!
We’re expecting you!

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